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Cuisines of Raipur

Raipur today depicts a beautiful blend of traditional and modern lifestyle. The region is famously called rice bowl of Central India. Consequently most of the traditional and tribal food items of its capital city Raipur are made of rice and rice flour. While traveling to the city do not forget to taste the rich and nutritious food of the region. The food of Raipur can be categorized as tribal and non-tribal recipes. For breakfast, popular dishes are rice and rice flour items like fara/muthiya, angakar roti, chousera roti.Lentils such as chana dals with which a special recipe called bafauri is made are also used as a staple diet by the local people.

Cuisines of Raipur

One of the common meals had during the sweltering summers is Bore Baasi. It mainly consists of cooked rice dipped in yoghurt or buttermilk and is accompanied by pickle and raw onion. It helps in keeping the body cool and hydrated in hot and dry summer days by maintaining the water levels in the body.The Badi and Bijori are two types of food items. Dhoodh fara, gulgula, bidiya, kusli, bafauli, khurmi and balooshahi are some of the local sweet delicacies.

Traditional Food in Raipur

Food in Raipur also involves the use of curd and a range of green leafy vegetables like lal bhaaji, chech bhaji, chowlai bhaaji, kochai patta, kohda and bohar bhaji. Dals or lentils are also used in Raipur households to make delectable spicy and non-spicy dishes. Bafauri, a variation of chana dal is served with rice or roti. Wheat, maize and jowar are the basic diet of the inhabitants of Raipur and the state of Chhattisgarh. As the state is abundantly rich in crops like rice and oilseeds people here are never short of their staple food.

Tribal Foods in Raipur

Foods in RaipurThe people of this region have a predilection for tangy recipes and sweet delectable. Rakhia badi and petha are the two distinctive food items prepared by the tribal population of Raipur region during special occasions and important festivals.The tribes of Chhattisgarh primarily add the various types of fruits that are commonly found in the forest areas of Chhattisgarh. The tribal population of the Raipur region savour a delicacy made from the fruit of a local tree named Mahuwa.The delicious traditional food items of Raipur give a real treat to the taste buds of local and global people. Nutritionally enriched with the qualities of protein, vitamins, minerals and iron, Raipur’s food serves a healthy and sumptuous recipe of mouth-watering cuisines.

Sweet Dishes of Raipur

A lip-smacking sweet dish of Raipur region but the entire Chhattisgarh state is the Jalebi. Jalebi is made in almost every household of the state. As people of Chhattisgarh like to have something sweet at the end of their meal, jalebi has become an important item in the food menu of the state. The special delicacies of Raipur and Chhattisgarh are the sweet items Petha, Rakhia Badi and Jalebi.Petha is a variety of exquisite sweet dish which is prepared by the locals of Chhattisgarh.

Sweet Dishes of Raipur

Rakhia badi is a sort of a curry that includes rakhia phal or fruit, coriander, ginger, green chillies and seeds of slitted black gram. Rakhia badi are small globules made up of the rakhia fruit. To make rakhia badi, the black gram is washed and kept in water for one whole night for soaking. The fruit is also finely cut into pieces, washed and wrapped with a cloth and stored under a stone. The following day the gram is pasted and all other ingredients are added and stirred well into this paste. These are then made into round balls. Once the globules are made, they are put into curries or stored for use in future.

Fast food in Raipur

With growing urbanization and youth population in the city, Raipur has become a hub for fast food companies in the region. Today one can find many fast food restaurants in Raipur. From burgers to Chinese, beverages, desserts and toasties, one can have all this and more in Raipur today. One can visit the various fast food restaurants in the city which also serve as popular places for hangout.

Restaurants in Raipur

There are a number of restaurants and eatery joints in Raipur that specialize in serving the best of multi-cuisine menus to both locals and the tourists in Raipur. From local dishes to international cuisines, Raipur’s restaurants present a wide range of choices on appetizing food. Restaurants in Raipur cater to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal preferences. From traditional food to popular fast foods to global cuisines, one can find and relish all kinds of dishes.

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